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SRSE Introduction in the YNAO

The power plant permits to use excess enrgy of expanding steam and to obtain mechanical energy used for generation of electricity without burning additional fuel in boilers.

SRSE-1.0 in the MUE "MKS" boiler plant, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

The SRSE is installed in a boiler plant equipped with DKVr 25-14 boilers. The electric energy produced by the SRSE meets the balance of plant needs completely. Excess electric energy is used to power the waste treatment facilities.

A 500-kW SRSE in the Novosibirsk Region

A 500 kW SRSE was installed within the framework of cooperation with the "e2" company in the boiler plant of the settlement of Krivodanovka, Novosibirsk Region

Паровая винтовая машина — винтовая турбина

Используется в качестве привода к сетевым цетробежным насосам типа 1Д, АД, СЭ, ЦНС, к питательным цетробежным насосам типа ПЭ с частотой вращения 1000 - 3000 об/мин и мощностью от 200 до 1000 кВт

Containerized SRSEs (maximum power: 500 kW)

Containerized SRSEs (power up to 500 kW) capable of operating in a parallel and standalone modes are in the process of introduction.