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The screw rotor steam engine

Is intended for driving an electricity generator and subsequent utilization of the low-pressure steam for the boiler station auxiliaries. The SRSE uses a rotor mechanism (a screw pair) as the principal operating element. Its drive shaft is connected to a generator or another driven device (a pump, a smoke extractor, etc.).

The screw rotor steam engine
Steam inlet Screw expander Steam outlet Generator Clutch Oil system
  • Compactness
  • Simple design
  • High repairability
  • May use low-quality steam
  • Flexibility, quick start and shutdown
  • Power control range: 15…100 %
  • Stable output shaft torque
  • Operation reliability and fail-safety
  • Potentially high service life (because rotors do not contact each other)

SRSA Specifications

Turbine typeSteam
Operating mediumSaturated water steam
Steam specifications
Inlet pressure0,6...1,4 MPa (6...14 kgf/cm2)
Inlet temperaturemaximum 468°K (195°C)
Outlet pressure0.5… 0.4 MPa (1.5… 4 kgf/cm2)
Outlet temperaturemaximum 393°K (120°C)
Mass steam flowup to 20,000 kg/h
Input rotor rotation frequency6000 rpm
Output shaft rotation frequency3000 rpm
Output shaft power250...1000 kW
Internal turbine efficiency noi67...70%
Voltage380 V, 6 kV, 10 kV
Current frequency50 Hz
Expander dimensions2420 x 1300 x 1440 mm (L x W x H)
Expander weight3500 (2000) kg
Lubrication systemCirculating, positive pressure, oil pump-driven
Recommended oilTP-46 turbine oil GOST ГОСТ 9972-74
Air noise levelMaximum 95 dB

Main view of the turbine case (isometry)

The power plant permits to use excess enrgy of expanding steam and to obtain mechanical energy used for generation of electricity without burning additional fuel in boilers.

The plant is very easy to operate and maintain, it has a high service life, operation reliability and safety, may use low-quality steam.

The electric system of the power plant power takeoff based on an asynchronous generator operating in parallel with the mains guarantees high reliability. Power output into the mains does not destabilize them.